Monday, November 7, 2016

The $1.00 Christmas Gift

Cheap Christmas Gifts (Books)

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Isn’t it a little depressing how Halloween and Thanksgiving kind of get the boot after October 31st. I mean the Christmas decorations have already taken over the stores. All stores have announced that their Holiday Shops have arrived & that Christmas is here! Ouch, so for me I began to go into panic mode because little simplicity has a December b-day & Christmas is in December.

Starting Nov. 1st I no longer purchase toys, books, or anything for the kids in order to get ready for Christmas. With all of the stress that comes along with the Holidays. I have a quick tip to help you save on books, DVDs, and select CD’s. My local public library often has a for sale section of books & items that have been withdrawn from their system. Books are usually $.50-$1.00, Magazines $.25, CD’s $1.00, DVDs $2.00. This is an awesome way to cut on Holiday cost (buy used books). To me paper never goes out of style and you can sometimes find books that are almost brand new on the sales rack.

The sale rack really is hit or miss. This week I found 10 books for the kids, 2 books for me & 2 jazz CD’s for $9.50. I do spray the book covers with Hand Sanitizer& wipe them off when I get home. I am not ashamed, and I can admit that I am a germa o phobe!!! Back to the book talk….I rummage through the shelves every week looking for books that my family may be interested in, or some educational books that I would like them to read & buy them.

I usually buy a nice little Basketand add wrapping paper inside and give each one of my kids their own book basket on Christmas morning. They don’t know the difference! I mix in old & new because a book is a book. And when we wind down at night they look through the baskets and lie in bed & read. Also, let’s not forget that they don’t go back to school until after the New Year so they have a lot of free time to read.

I don’t know if all public libraries dispose of their withdrawn or old books this way, but it is worth a look.

How do you save on books? Let me know below

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