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Ways Kids Can Help With The New Puppy/Dog

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Little Simplicity saw a sign posted at our local Farm Store saying “free puppies.” Free & Puppies is an instant warning for proceed with caution. A couple of days went by while I was thinking & I could no longer ignore his request to visit them. 

I wasn’t really sure if WE were ready for a puppy. I took a picture of the sign so I would have the telephone number in my phone…..just in case. I left it at that! Days went by, time went by and then he asked AGAIN. “Mama when are we going to see the puppies?” So I knew it was time for us to go. But I told him that we would just go there and look. Who was I fooling?.... we came home with a puppy & “Sasha” is her name.

At 8 years old I felt as though my son was old enough to take on some of the responsibility & we explained that to him before we left with a puppy.

So if you ever do see a “free” puppy sign, here are some of the responsibilities that kids can help with.

Food & Water- I keep measuring cups (from the dollar store) in the dog food bag so he can measure out exactly what she needs. He feeds her on Saturday & Sunday mornings. Mr. Simplicity & I take care of M-F.

Snacks -Everyday she has a snack at 3pm. We use whatever fruit or vegetable we have on hand. (Bananas, strawberries, carrots, etc.) As soon as Little Simplicity has his snack, Sasha knows hers is on its way.

Brushing-There is no specific schedule for this. We just kind of do it when we feel like it or at least once a week.

After School Walk-We walk her in the mornings, after school (3pm) & at night. Little Simplicity walks her after snack.

Helps Bathe-Usually he just stands around telling me what I am doing wrong, but he can run & get any supplies I forgot to bring to the sink in our garage.

Occasionally picks up poop -Yes, the gross side of owning a dog. Piles of it! I showed him the proper way to clean it up. This happens occasionally on the weekends. Guess what? I am potty training a toddler & a puppy. 

Play-Just pull out her dog toys and play with her. Simple

Attending vet visits-We go monthly to get her vaccinated. He comes with me just so he knows what else goes into caring for her.

I think helping in these ways teaches responsibility, & trust with the dog.

Ways Kids Can Help With The New Puppy/Dog

How do your kids help with the family pet(s)? Let me know

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