Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Number One Thing You Must Do this Long Weekend

So I was supposed to be doing something completely different tonight, like sleep.  I felt compelled to encourage some mom’s to do a little self-care this weekend.  Do something quick!  If you have more time, check out my previous post (HERE& choose 1, 2 or 3 things to do. These are just some quick suggestions to go do when Dad or whom ever is available to take the kids. On a day of your choice, possibly this weekend though. 

Finish your daily activities. Have dinner cooked, don’t cook, order out, or …..whatever. When Dad comes in, greet him, & say "I am taking a break".

I.WON'T. BE.TOO. LONG.!!!!  You’ll tell Dad. So what if we lie a little, the kids won't find out. Then run upstairs.

Do you need to pluck, tweeze or wax your eyebrows? Do it now!

Do you need a hot bath without intruders? Do it now!

Do you need to paint your toenails? Do it now!

Do you need a facial? Do it now!

Do you need to blow dry or flat iron your hair? Yes, I do!

Do you need to close the door & turn up YOUR music? Do it!

Do you need to shave in places that you can’t with your 2 yr. old there? Please do so now!

Do you need to get back to a pin from 2 weeks ago? Do it now!

Do you want to put on some makeup? Do it now, but remember you'll be washing it off very soon because it's probably close to bed time. 

Do you want to put on that Charcoal face mask that you grabbed at Walmart for $2.50, without babies & kids looking at you screaming “Where did mommy go?” I DO & I AM!

Do you want to read a magazine? Of course, books went out the window years ago.

Do you want to sneak and eat a candy bar? I might.

Ahhh, now we’re relaxed & ready for tomorrow.

Don't fall asleep.       

Oh wait………….

The kids are calling, dad is calling, & the puppy is calling! Puppy, yes (she’s our newest addition) that story will be continued in a later post. Read about her here......

This was just a quick reminder to do a few things that you skimped out on while being home with the kids all summer. You know what I will be doing & if you participate, let me know below.

Have fun Mama’s!

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