Friday, August 5, 2016


  • Sort out everything from the previous school year and see what can be used again. I found a handful of things in my son’s room that he could use again this school year.

  • Just buy what is on the school supply list. Hey, mom’s we know that kids ask for any and everything. So Stick to your list!!!! Don’t let the kids persuade you to buy extra things they may not need.

  • Check your local dollar store first. I spotted some composition notebooks there two weeks ago.

  • Buy clothes on clearance since it is usually still warm enough to wear summer clothes. Those first few weeks back are still very warm (in the northeast) so buy some clearance items. Mix & Match clothing until the weather changes.

  • Buy in Bulk. Meaning get extra packs of pencils, markers, folders, & glue sticks. If they ask for a roll of paper towels, send in a case. This way you are done for the school year, & you will already have everything on hand when the kids say they “lost” it.

  • Check your weekly sales flyers to compare prices. This week Target had the best deals for me, but check all stores in your area.

  • Use apps such as/Cartwheel, Shopkick, Snip Snap, Ibotta, & Red Laser to save money or to add onto your rebates 

We purchased a book bag at the end of the previous school year, so we will be using that again.  Also, I have a couple of lunch boxes that are in great shape. Number 2 pencils (we have an abundance) so I didn't need to buy any.

Let me know how you save on school supplies. Do you need any other tips from me?

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