Saturday, April 22, 2017

EARTH DAY...........2017

Happy Earth Day Everyone!!! 

Check out my post from last year " Why You Should Walk Barefoot in Your Lawn"

How did you celebrate the Earth this year? Let me know....

Sunday, January 22, 2017


Alternative to Ear Buds
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*I received a free pair of Cozy Phones in exchange for an honest  & unbiased review.

Little Simplicity loves his tablet (Mine Craft anyone?) & loves to tune out his 3-year-old brother EVERY DAY after school. I am always on the hunt for safe, kid-friendly headphones for both of them. So I can get a little peace & quiet. I am not a big fan of ear buds. I just feel like kids do not know their limits & turn them up way too high. When I find headphones that go over ears & not into them I get a little excited.

We received a pair of cozy phones that my kids have tried out this week. The packaged arrived and the kids were excited. They love the design, and how soft they are. It only took my 8-year old a few seconds to adjust the ear phones to his ears. They are a like a fuzzy headband with earphones inside. The sound is clear, but not muffled or too loud. While the headband is not adjustable both boys 3 & 8 were able to use them.

These are a great alternative to ear buds. I mean we only had one set, so there were a few fights involved. I will be placing an order for the same exact pair. 

As you can see (below) he loved them. Now the only problem is getting him off of his tablet to do things like eat, drink, & do homework. 

Headphones for Kids
(Little Simplicity playing his tablet)

  • Sturdy
  • Washable
  • Easy to Carry
  • Comfortable
  • Multiple Styles
  • Volume Limited
  • Perfect for Travel
  • Safe to sleep in 
  • Great Gift

  • Not adjustable
  • Too hot in the summer 

I do believe in limiting screen time, but all moms know that it just comes in handy sometimes. Ok, maybe you have to resort to using it daily, but I have found that cozy phones will allow you to do some things in peace without the distracting background noise of Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol, Blaze, & video games…..etc.

These would be great for adults and they do have an adult line without the little fuzzy bear face. They also make a great gift. 

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So please support a small family/veteran owned U.S. based business.

Which type of headphone does your family use?

Monday, November 7, 2016

The $1.00 Christmas Gift

Cheap Christmas Gifts (Books)

*Affiliate links have been used in this post, which means if a few of you click on these product I may be able to buy a new mascara & a lip I thank you!!! :)

Isn’t it a little depressing how Halloween and Thanksgiving kind of get the boot after October 31st. I mean the Christmas decorations have already taken over the stores. All stores have announced that their Holiday Shops have arrived & that Christmas is here! Ouch, so for me I began to go into panic mode because little simplicity has a December b-day & Christmas is in December.

Starting Nov. 1st I no longer purchase toys, books, or anything for the kids in order to get ready for Christmas. With all of the stress that comes along with the Holidays. I have a quick tip to help you save on books, DVDs, and select CD’s. My local public library often has a for sale section of books & items that have been withdrawn from their system. Books are usually $.50-$1.00, Magazines $.25, CD’s $1.00, DVDs $2.00. This is an awesome way to cut on Holiday cost (buy used books). To me paper never goes out of style and you can sometimes find books that are almost brand new on the sales rack.

The sale rack really is hit or miss. This week I found 10 books for the kids, 2 books for me & 2 jazz CD’s for $9.50. I do spray the book covers with Hand Sanitizer& wipe them off when I get home. I am not ashamed, and I can admit that I am a germa o phobe!!! Back to the book talk….I rummage through the shelves every week looking for books that my family may be interested in, or some educational books that I would like them to read & buy them.

I usually buy a nice little Basketand add wrapping paper inside and give each one of my kids their own book basket on Christmas morning. They don’t know the difference! I mix in old & new because a book is a book. And when we wind down at night they look through the baskets and lie in bed & read. Also, let’s not forget that they don’t go back to school until after the New Year so they have a lot of free time to read.

I don’t know if all public libraries dispose of their withdrawn or old books this way, but it is worth a look.

How do you save on books? Let me know below

Sunday, October 16, 2016


Ways Kids Can Help With The New Puppy/Dog

*Affiliate links have been used in this post, which means if a few of you click on these product I may be able to buy a new mascara & a lip I thank you!!! 

Little Simplicity saw a sign posted at our local Farm Store saying “free puppies.” Free & Puppies is an instant warning for proceed with caution. A couple of days went by while I was thinking & I could no longer ignore his request to visit them. 

I wasn’t really sure if WE were ready for a puppy. I took a picture of the sign so I would have the telephone number in my phone…..just in case. I left it at that! Days went by, time went by and then he asked AGAIN. “Mama when are we going to see the puppies?” So I knew it was time for us to go. But I told him that we would just go there and look. Who was I fooling?.... we came home with a puppy & “Sasha” is her name.

At 8 years old I felt as though my son was old enough to take on some of the responsibility & we explained that to him before we left with a puppy.

So if you ever do see a “free” puppy sign, here are some of the responsibilities that kids can help with.

Food & Water- I keep measuring cups (from the dollar store) in the dog food bag so he can measure out exactly what she needs. He feeds her on Saturday & Sunday mornings. Mr. Simplicity & I take care of M-F.

Snacks -Everyday she has a snack at 3pm. We use whatever fruit or vegetable we have on hand. (Bananas, strawberries, carrots, etc.) As soon as Little Simplicity has his snack, Sasha knows hers is on its way.

Brushing-There is no specific schedule for this. We just kind of do it when we feel like it or at least once a week.

After School Walk-We walk her in the mornings, after school (3pm) & at night. Little Simplicity walks her after snack.

Helps Bathe-Usually he just stands around telling me what I am doing wrong, but he can run & get any supplies I forgot to bring to the sink in our garage.

Occasionally picks up poop -Yes, the gross side of owning a dog. Piles of it! I showed him the proper way to clean it up. This happens occasionally on the weekends. Guess what? I am potty training a toddler & a puppy. 

Play-Just pull out her dog toys and play with her. Simple

Attending vet visits-We go monthly to get her vaccinated. He comes with me just so he knows what else goes into caring for her.

I think helping in these ways teaches responsibility, & trust with the dog.

Ways Kids Can Help With The New Puppy/Dog

How do your kids help with the family pet(s)? Let me know